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💉 Nurse Practitioner Days & Whats Hot🔥

💉 Nurse practitioner Openings & New Patient Days


All Bold Only Dates Below Kevin Fleming APRN, FNP-C is in clearing new patients for all Medical Treatments & providing Injections, Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments, and Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments.

Italic Only Dates Below Trevor Poire APRN, FNP-C is clearing patients for all Medical Treatments & providing Botox/Xeomin/& Dysport Injections, Microneedling, IV Therapy, and some Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments. 

Wednesday May 1st | 10:00-2:00

Thursday May 2nd | 11:30-8:15

Friday May 3rd | 9:45-6:30

Saturday May 4th | 9:45-6:30

Sunday May 5th | 9:45-6:30

Wednesday May 8th | 9:45-6:30

Thursday May 9th | 11:30-8:15

Friday May 10th | 9:45-6:30

Saturday May 11th | 9:45-6:30

Tuesday May 14th |11:30-8:15

Wednesday May 15th | 9:45-6:30

Thursday May 16th | 11:30-8:15

Friday May 17th | 9:45-6:30

Tuesday May 21st | 11:30-8:15

Wednesday May 22nd | 9:45-6:30

Thursday May 23rd | 11:30-8:15

Exams for Lasers & IV New Patients Only This Day 

Friday May 24th | 12:00-4:00

Exams for Lasers & IV New Patients Only This Day

Saturday May 25th |10:00-4:00

Tuesday May 28th | 11:30-8:15

Wednesday May 29th | 9:45-6:30

Thursday May 30th | 11:30-8:15

Friday May 31st | 9:45-6:30

Injections are always provided by our skilled Nurse Practitioners at

 Progress MD 👨🏻‍💉 We don't compromise your safety here!

Botox $11.00 a unit 

Xeomin $10.00 a unit 

Dysport $4.75 a unit 

We inject the full lines of:

Juvederm Fillers & Restylane Fillers and Kybella, Sculptra,

 Radiesse, Belotero and your own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma

(Check Monthly Rotating Specials for Deals on ALL Services)

We Have Moved To Our New Space Upstairs in Suite 201


We are officially open and operating in our new upstairs space! 

The new location is in the same building as the prior, just go through the main Air-U doors and up the stairs or elevator to the second level where you will find us in the double glass doors!

We are so excited to have been able to expand and take care of our ever growing Progress MD family.  Our new space is now equipped with four Medical Spa rooms for all your injection, PRP, cosmetic dermatology and general skin consultation needs.  One large laser room for tattoo removal, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, scar revision and laser spider vein treatments.  A brand new IV room and standing Cryotherapy Chamber room (both of which we will be adding in very soon)!

For our Day Spa we now have two massage single rooms, one larger couples room and a facials/skin care/lashes room.  All of these are separated by a beautiful glass door to create a peaceful and serene environment that is separate from the hustle and bustle of our Medical Spa rooms.

Progress MD is so lucky to have been able to take this jump into a bigger and better space to take care of the amazing clientele we have and with more room to meet and treat new customers. We wouldn't have been able to do this without the constant love and support from our PMD Family!  

Thank you all  ❤️

We can't wait to take care of you in our new space : D 

Progress MD Mothers Day Specials 2019 | Thank you Moms!


“There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.” ❤️

💆‍♀️Pamper Me Package | $170
30 Min Massage
15 Min Scalp Treatment
35 Min Mini Facial

👸Queen of Queens | $215
60 Min Massage
15 Min Scalp Treatment
60 Min Signature Facial

✈️ Mom’s Escape | $180
Dermaplaning + Enzyme
60 Min Massage
15 Min Scalp Treatment
15 Min Foot Scrub

👄👁Mommy Facial Makeover | $200
60 Min Signature Facial
Brow Wax & Shape
Lash Lift & Tint

Not Sure What Mom Wants? 🤔
Buy Mom Gift Certificates &
Get Extra PMD Cash Back 🙌

Buy $75 💸 & get $25 PMD Cash
Buy $150 💸 & get $50 PMD Cash
Buy $300 💸 & get $100 PMD Cash
Buy $600 💸 & get $200 PMD Cash

They can be used on any service or mixture of services! 🎁 PMD Cash will be good for 6 months post the purchase date and can also be used for any service we provide.

The above specials cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Unless otherwise noted above. Other Spa Add Ons not included if requested will be an additional noted cost. The person you purchase the specific packages above for will have 6 months to complete any of the packages 🎁 Packages cannot be broken up into 2 days, they must be booked together. Enjoy these super clinic deals from 4/30/19 Noon - 5/14/19 8pm ⏲

We have lots of blank cards for you to pick from to write your mom something special in and we have gift cards of the specific packages above ready to go!

💎 Our staff has decided to spend Mother’s Day Off as most all of us are Moms, or have a Mom to Celebrate, we do hope you enjoy celebrating the moms in your life too💎

🎇 Progress MD IV Therapy Launch Special 🎉


New Patients will need to fill out a medical history, do a quick annual exam, to make sure they are good healthy candidates for fluid and FDA approved IV medications and FDA compounded Vitamins in the State of Texas unless they receive the IV Directly provided by the Physician every time you receive one. Once you have been cleared and prescribed IV Therapy from the Clinic's Physician, or Nurse Practitioner or Physisican Assistant that is connected to the Physician on the Texas Medical Board Website. Only then can a NP, PA, RN, or LVN can safely provide the IV Therapy Treatments. Exams and Medical History need to re-occur annually for patient safety. 

Prior to your first IV Infusion per Texas Medical Board Code 193.17 - before a patient is able to receive a Prescription Level IV Vitamin, be Administered FDA Approved Drugs for nausea, inflammation and or receive treatments using or utilizing prescription medical devices one must be cleared by the clinics Physician, Nurse Practitioner and or Physicians Assistant to receive a prescription for the initial and reoccurring treatments annually. This ensures patient safety and treatment efficacy.

🎲 Want to just try one?
💧IV Therapy 20% off any bag and 50% Off Your First IV Infusion Medical History & Annual Physical Exam ($42-$57 Savings on Exam & 1 IV Bag)

Ready to Commit to a Regimen?
💦Buy a Package of 3 IVs and Get First IV Infusion Medical History & Annual Physical Exam Free($79-$109 Savings on Exam & 3 IV Bags)

👄🌬Looking to Boost Inside and Out?
💧💉Hydration Package | .55ml Juvederm XC Lip Filler Syringe & 1 Sparkletini IV - $495
& Get First IV Infusion Medical History & Annual Physical Exam Free($109 Savings on Exam, IV Bags and Dermal Filler)
💎 Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Rewards 💎

Our website page below is full of information about IV Therapy, What New Patients Need to Do to Get Started with Us, Pricing Options and Commonly Asked Questions we have answered for you! Click Below to Read More about IV Therapy with us! 

The above specials cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Unless otherwise noted above. You will have 6 months to complete any of the IV Launch Special Options Above as these are promotional prices and not general amount gift cards 🎁 Enjoy these super clinic deals from 4/24/19 10am until 6/15/19 6pm CST ⏲

What is IV Therapy?

❄️ Whole Body Cryotherapy Launch Specials ❄️


Just Two Weeks to Grab These 5/1/19-5/15/19 

Pre-Pay & Schedule Ahead Priority Style 📆

Cryotherapy is coming to Progress MD - where you can have access to it during our regular business hours Tuesdays-Saturday’s + 2 Sunday’s a month ❄️🏆💪 in our modern facility out in Town Square Village in the Air-U Building 🙌

❄️Single Cryo Session Options ⤵️

1 Session & 30 Minute Massage $85
(in Same Appointment)

1 Session & 60 Minute Massage $100
(in Same Appointment)

❄️Membership Options ⤵️
(Auto Draft Only - 30 Day Notice To Cancel Past the 3 Months Paid Below at Once)

🥈12 Times a Month $249
Pay for 3 Months Upfront Get 1 Month Free $747

🥇Unlimited 1x Daily Use Per Month $329
Pay for 3 Months Upfront Get 1 Month Free $987

❄️Session Package Options ⤵️
(Good for 6 months)

Buy 3 Sessions & Get 1 Free
$135 | Regularly $180 for 4 Sessions

Buy 6 Sessions & Get 2 Free
$265 | Regularly $360 for 8 Sessions

Buy 9 Sessions & Get 3 Free
$385 | Regularly $540 for 12 Sessions

📆 First Sessions can be Booked May 17th and on ☃️ People who Pre-Pay for the Specials Above Get First Appointment Dibs on Days and Times🏆

Want to Learn More About Impact Whole Body Cryotherapy? Regular Pricing, Single Sessions, Memberships, Packages, Lots of Information, Frequently Asked Questions and more! Click the Button Below to visit our website page to learn more about Impact Whole Body Cryotherapy!

The above specials cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, unless otherwise noted above. You will have 6 months to use up any pre-paid special single item and or package options above as these are promotional prices and not general amount gift cards 

🎁 Enjoy these super clinic deals from 5/1/19 9am until 5/15/19 6pm CST ⏲

Message us here on FB or Call/Text us at (806)410-2020 you can pay in person upstairs in Suite 201 in the same building and or over the phone with a credit card to snag these deals if you can't make it in and or want to pre-pay and book out later! 

What is Cryotherapy?

Progress MD Red Carpet Open House June 15th 5-8pm


Who: Our Patients, Clients and their Friends + anyone who has been interested in coming by!


What: Red Carpet Open House 

When: June 15th 5-8pm 

Where: Our new Clinic Upstairs in Suite 201 out in Town Square in the Air-U building! 

Why: To Celebrate Our New Space with You!

Attire: Red Carpet - Get Hot, Get Classy, or Get Fun 💃👠👞🎩 One Night Where It’s Okay to Be Over Dressed 

Catered By: Cask & Cork 

Sweets By: Scratch Made Bakery & Brunchery and SheSheCakes 

Door Prizes From: Lots from Us, Fluffaholic, Pescarez, Charley’s Autos, Westhause Design, Townsquare Nutrition, Cask & Cork, Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness, Graham Brothers Jewelers, Scratch Made Bakery & Brunchery, & More Local Businesses we ❤️

We have relocated into our new bigger office in the Air-U building out in Town Square on the second floor in Suite 201. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful team of passionate providers, such cool patients and some stellar clients - all of which helped this expansion into our new space become a reality. We are humbled, we are honored, and we are continuing to improve your experience with us by finding the right methods, investing in new services, continuing to invest in provider education and investing in some new devices here too! 

Tell Me More, Tell Me More 🎤

-Open House 48 Hour Only Super Sales

-3 Hours of $10,000+ Clinic and Non 

Clinic Item Give Aways : Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Juvederm/Radiesse/Restylane/PRP Injections/Microneedling/VI Precision Peel/Laser Certificate/Spa Days/Vitamin Shot 4 Pack/IV Therapy Bags/ Cryotherapy Sessions/ Prada Sunglasses/Yeti Hopper/Kitchen Aid Mixer/ & More from us too! 

-Door gift bags for the first 15 people following the event dress code 💃🎩

-Discount cards for all! 

PLUS - we are starting another 3 month internal patient - Spend $50 with us to Play Raffle - for 3 nights of hotel stay and round trip airfare for 2 from Rick Husband Airport somewhere Tropical 🌴 Yes it’s somewhere you’d need a passport for. Our last patient who won went with her husband to Costa Rica and they had a wonderful time ✈️🏖 and got to go somewhere they’d never thought a Dysport injection at our clinic would be taking them 🙌 The More you Spend in $50 Increments the more chances over 3 months you’ll have to win this gem 💎

Facebook Event Page - Click Here to RSVP!

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At Progress MD We Believe

Everyone is Beautiful, Important and Unique.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to see that for themselves.

We are here to help you see your own potential.

We are a safe place for everyone.

Your Comfort is our priority.


We Tailor Treatments To You Specifically

We work closely with each and every patient to assure that they are on  the right path, whether you are wanting to clear acne scars, signs of  aging, remove hair or even tattoos. Progress MD's staff of certified  professionals will consult with you on what your concerns are and let  you ask any questions you may have so that you can come into your  procedure or treatment with the knowledge you need to be confident in  your decision. We have many tools in our toolbox, we don't hard 'sell' treatments, we provide education and information to give you the opportunity to decide what path may be the best route for you!


We Follow Guidelines & Regulations

We believe that everyone is far safer in the offices of those who follow current Texas Medical Board, Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Department of Department of Licensing and Regulation, HIPPA, OSHA, and other entities that over see how a Medical Facility like ours and a Day Spa Facility like ours should be operated. We don't write the rules, but we do work hard to follow them! We use FDA approved Medical Devices, FDA approved Injectables direct from the companies who produce them safely, and the right certified and skilled staff members to take care of you safely and mindfully. We love what we do! 

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