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Friday Mar 1st| 1-5pm

Sunday Mar 3rd | Open 10-6pm

Tuesday Mar 5th| Open 12-8pm 

Friday Mar 8th | Open 10-6pm 

Saturday Mar 9th| Open 10-6pm 

Tuesday Mar 12th| Open 12-8pm 

Wednesday Mar 13th| Open 10-6pm 

Thursday Mar 14th| Open 12-8pm

Friday Mar 15th | Open 10-6pm  

Tuesday Mar 19th| Open 12-8pm 

Wednesday Mar 20th| Open 10-6pm 

Thursday Mar 21th| Open 12-8pm

Friday Mar 22th | Open 10-6pm

Tuesday Mar 26th| Open 12-8pm 

Wednesday Mar 27th| Open 10-6pm 

Thursday Mar 28th| Open 12-8pm

Friday Mar 29th | Open 10-6pm

Injections are always provided by our skilled Nurse Practitioner at

 Progress MD 👨🏻‍💉

Botox $11.00 a unit 

Xeomin $10.00 a unit 

Dysport $4.75 a unit 

We inject the full lines of:

Juvederm Fillers & Restylane Fillers and Kybella, Sculptra,

 Radiesse, Belotero and your own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma

(Check Monthly Rotating Specials for Deals on ALL Services)

We have some fun news to share for 2019 🎉

Progress MD

Thanks to an incredible group of patients and customers who enjoy our Medical Aesthetic and Day Spa Treatments we are excited to announce we  are doubling (✖️2 ) our office size and building a more relaxing Spa area and a Larger Medical Aesthetic area to better encompass the growth in the last year we have experienced and moving forward ❤️

We are so grateful to those who have given us the opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level. We have enjoyed getting to help you all with your  goals to renew and refresh your bodies and temples. So the best way to say thank you is to continue to follow the lead and invest in more for everyone who has helped us get to this point 📈

We are so humbled 🙏 We are so gracious
And we are excited to see how Progress MD evolves as we get into 2019 🔮 and offer more inviting spaces, more services and treatments and  continue to offer quality services and treatments at affordable pricing  from our licensed and trained medical team and our state certified  providers.

We will update everyone as we get timelines on move in projections here ahead, we have signed on the dotted line ✍️  permits, build-outs and move in’s just take time. We will let everyone  know about 3 weeks out-ish from the move in guesstimated time and will  text everyone and let them know if they need to find us upstairs when  it’s time. It’s just a hard secret to keep when we want to share it with all of our extended collective of patients and customers in the loop.

To infinity and beyond 🚀

Thank you,
Lydia Marsh
Progress MD

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At Progress MD We Believe

Everyone is Beautiful, Important and Unique.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to see that for themselves.

We are here to help you see your own potential.

We are a safe place for everyone.

Your Comfort is our priority.


We Tailor Treatments To You Specifically

We work closely with each and every patient to assure that they are on  the right path, whether you are wanting to clear acne scars, signs of  aging, remove hair or even tattoos. Progress MD's staff of certified  professionals will consult with you on what your concerns are and let  you ask any questions you may have so that you can come into your  procedure or treatment with the knowledge you need to be confident in  your decision. We have many tools in our toolbox, we don't hard 'sell' treatments, we provide education and information to give you the opportunity to decide what path may be the best route for you!


We Follow Guidelines & Regulations

We believe that everyone is far safer in the offices of those who follow current Texas Medical Board, Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Department of Department of Licensing and Regulation, HIPPA, OSHA, and other entities that over see how a Medical Facility like ours and a Day Spa Facility like ours should be operated. We don't write the rules, but we do work hard to follow them! We use FDA approved Medical Devices, FDA approved Injectables direct from the companies who produce them safely, and the right certified and skilled staff members to take care of you safely and mindfully. We love what we do! 

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