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Good 2/1/19-2/28/19

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Monthly Medical Spa & Day Spa Specials

February 2019 | Valid 2/1/19-2/28/19

📌Dysport $4.25 a unit | Minimum 60 Units

You can Bank up to 200 units this month ⏰

⏰ Results Last 3-5 Months

💉 Wrinkle Prevention or Wrinkle Relaxing

🏦 Bank Unused Units & Inject them anytime

for up to 6 months after the purchase date ⏲

🌿60 Minute Hemp Massage &

🌿Uplifting Hemp Signature Facial | $145

The miracle plant that everyone has been raving about here lately. Hemp aides with bodily aches and pains, and in combination with massage it helps increase circulation and reduce stress and anxiety. Combine it with a hemp facial and you are good to go from head to toe. We use a hydrating foaming cleanser, skin firming serum, dark circle reduction and firming eye cream, treatment oil, exfoliating enzyme masque, and an illuminating and nourishment masque.

📌12% off Restylane L, Restylane Silk, Restylane Refyne, & Restylane Refyne

Discounted February Single Syringe Prices below ⤵️

💉1ml Restylane L - $423

💉1ml Restylane Silk - $493

💉1ml Restylane Defyne - $572

💉1ml Restylane Refyne - $572

Purchase 2 at a time & save another $100 💸

The Restylane line of products is formulated to act like the body's own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, restoring volume to surrounding area. Restylane Silk and Restylane Plain use Galderma’s innovative NASHA technology. This gives each product a unique particle size for tailored treatment. Finer Particles for Fine Wrinkles and Detailed Shaping, Medium-Sized Particles for Moderate To Severe Wrinkles and Folds, Larger Particles For Severe Wrinkles and Greater Volume. XpresHAn Technology Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are flexible hyaluronic acid gels designed to have the flexibility to show a natural range of facial expression. The filler line lasts up to 12 months on average. 

🏦 Bank up to 4 Syringes & Inject them anytime for up to 6 months after the purchase date 

🍑🍆Full Brazilian or Men’s Refined Waxing or Sugaring | $50

Get rid of that pesky hair with this amazing special. Removing the hair follicle from the root allows the hair to grow thinner while keeping you hair free longer as well. Those chill mornings won’t bring those pokey hairs back the next day like shaving does. The more consistently one gets sugared or waxed the thiner the hair will grow back.

📌Kissable Cheeks | Radiesse® 💉💉

FDA approved dermal filler for the mid to lower face and FDA approved for hands too 🤟

⏰Lasts up to 18 months

2x1.5ml Syringes for 3mls of volume 💉💉💉

$895 February Steal - $1,250 Value

Extra Perk to this Injectable - Radiesse® works by adding volume under the skin with smooth results and, over time, by stimulating the body's own natural collagen. As the body absorbs the gel, it is metabolized and leaves behind only the patients own natural collagen. This means longer lasting results 🕰

💆🏻💆🏾‍♂️30 Minute Scalp Treatment with Shoulder, Neck, & Chest Massage | $50

Scalp massage increases circulation which in turn can stimulate hair growth and activates the scalps natural production of oils that help nourish your skin and hair. Plus enjoy a neck massage, shoulder massage, and a light, medium, or deep pressure. We highly recommend this treatment if you are the blushing, shy type. Try it with a friend and enjoy some face up conversation time 🗣

📌20% off All Erbium Laser Peels, All CO2 Fraxel & All Fraxel/Erbium:YAG Laser Single Treatments | Post Care Kit Included

These laser treatment options can combat not just superficial things like fine lines & wrinkles, pore size, textural changes, photo damage, and a sallow complexion, but also things deeper in the dermis like chronological aging, skin elasticity, photo damage, wrinkles and skin laxity, early rhytids, scaring of all kinds, facial redness, the resurfacing of soft tissue, textural irregularities and larger pores. 

Great laser treatment to do in the Winter ❄️ & includes all the tools one wold need in a care kit to heal after these laser treatments! Laser Resurfacing and Fraxel Treatments target multiple skin issues and can be very helpful tools to get legitimate results quickly. Schedule a consultation to talk to our NP and Laser Technician to get an idea of what option would be best 💥 

💻 See Exact Treatment Page on Website for more Pricing and information - lots of choices and options on these items 🙌

🌹Ultimate Spa Rose Facial | $95

Pampering to the max with this skin deep cleansing, relaxing facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, refresh, renew, and revitalizes the skin. This facial includes a multitasking face treatment enriched with French rose clay and finely ground rose petals to purify, cleanse, and gently exfoliate skin, revealing a smoother and more youthful complexion. Highly recommended by our clients and our licensed esthetician 🏆

💥Laser Hair Removal

🌘Bikini Line/Men’s Refined

$275 for 3 Sessions or $500 for 6 Sessions

🌗Extended Bikini/Men’s Refined Plus

$350 for 3 Sessions or $600 for 6 Session

🌕Full Brazilian/Men’s Refined Complete

$450 for 3 Sessions or $800 for 6 Sessions

For all Skin Types, 6-8 Sessions Needed for Great Results, Sessions 6-8 weeks apart ⏳

Lash Lift & Tint | $70

45 Minute Appointment, No Upkeep, Boost your Natural Lashes, the Lift itself Last up to 12 weeks & Choose from over 10 Tint 🎨 Colors to really make the lash make-over complete! This is best for those who have moderate to longer lashes naturally, as it perms the lashes you presently have.

📌15% off All Medical Grade VI Peels

Patients typically will Peel in 3-7 days every peel also includes a specific post care kit!

Discounted February VI Peel Rates Below ⤵️

Vi Peel Reviver | $234

🎯Targets: Brightens & Tightens, Age Spots, Melasma, Photo Damage, The Best First Time Peel for Patients - Treat your Skin to Rejuvenation!

VI Peel Purify | $268

🎯Targets: Active Acne 1 & 2, Acne Prone Skin, Oily Skin, Improving Skins Appearance from Consistent or Persistent Acne Breakouts

VI Peel Precision | $285

🎯Targets: Anti Aging, Mature Skin, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Skin Tone, Skin Clarity, Texture, Great for Arms, Chests, Shoulders & the Body

VI Peel Precision Plus | $319

🎯Targets: Pigmentation, Acne Scaring, Lightening, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Skin Tone, Skin Clarity, Texture - Targeting Mature Skin & Unwanted Pigmentation combination Skin.

VI Peel Purify Precision Plus | $335

🎯 Targets: Active Acne 3 & 4, Acne Prone Skin, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmention which can be common after breakouts in skin types 4-6, Acne Scaring and Skin Texture

⏳You will have 4 months to complete any 2 pack and 6 months to complete any 3 pack of peels from the VI Special above 

🌹60 Minute Champagne Rose

Relaxing Massage | $65

Enjoy this Valentine’s Day special all month long. We use a champagne and rose aromatherapy infused cream for the full body massage. Relax, take some time away from Februarys short schedule and enjoy a quick escape. Valentine’s is about loving ones self as well, don’t forget to #treatyaself to a Spa Day this month. 💝

The specials above are good until 2/28/19 at 8pm CST and can be purchased and used later 📆 you will have 6 months to use any specific special item you want to pre-pay for and the value cannot be transferred to another item later, buying these ahead simply locks you in for these rates.

If you’d like to book in a service and or get a general amount gift certificate for something you want and or somebody else special in your world give us a call/text at (806) 410-2020 or email us at and we can get you taken care of. 

Looking for Injection Dates and Days to Join us as a new Medical Aesthetic Patient?

We keep an updated list of days and open to close hour time frames that are bookable for the month with Kevin Fleming, APRN, FNP-C our Nurse Practitioner and these are also days we accept new Medical Spa Patients. 

New Patients will need to complete new Patient Medical Paperwork and get a quick in person clearance exam where we can verify they are good healthy candidates for the Medical Aesthetic Treatments they are seeking. All Medical Spa Facilities and or Medical Facilities who provide Botox/Xeomin/Dysport, Injectable Fillers, All Laser Treatments (Minus Laser Hair Removal - they must operate under TDLR Regulations and be Registered as a Laser Hair Removal Facility [Yes we do that too], PRP Injections, IV Therapy Infusions, Microneedling past .5mm depths, Sclerotherapy, that provide and or use any Prescription FDA Medical Devices or Prescription FDA Aesthetic Products should be following Texas Medical Board Code 193.17 that covers Delegation and our Medical niche and the items relevant to it as well. 

The above is NOT applicable to Spa Treatments. 

We do not put profit above patient safety, your medical history and clearance exam will need to be updated annually as a patient of ours. This is always free of charge. We do not write the laws, but we do work hard to follow them for your safety outright. 

Click Below for Those Dates & Time Frames

New Patient | Kevin Injection Dates

Tranquil Thursdays

Facial & Skin CAre

Skin Care
Acne Scaring 
Ingrown Hairs
Oxygen Facials 


30 Minute Mini Facial | $50 

(Regular $60)

60 Minute Signature Facial | $70 

(Regular $90)

30 Minute Dermaplaning | $55

(Regular $65)

60 Minute Dermaplaning & Enzyme Peel | $80

(Regular $100)

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Pre Natal
Post Natal
Hot Stone
Sports Stretching
CBD Massage

30 Minute Massage | $50  

(Regular $60)

60 Minute Massage | $65

(Regular $75) 

90 Minute Massage | $90

(Regular $100)

60 Minute Hydrating Wrap | $65

(Regular $75)

Inch Loss Wrap | $70

(Regular $85)

Waxing & Sugaring

Hair Removal
Body Hair
Facial Hair
Laser Hair Removal

Bikini Extended | $30

(Regular $40)

Full Brazilian | $50+

(Regular $65+)

We know you work hard and deserve a treat!

*Services above will be discounted any Thursday between 12pm-8pm. 

Cannot be combined with any other discount codes or discount cards.*

Anytime Spa Specials & Packages

Mini Package $120

Mini Facial
Express Facial
Quick Facial
Lunch Facial 
30 Minute Massage
Scalp Massage
Spa Package

30 Minute Massage

10 Minutes Scalp Massage 

35 Minute Mini Facial

1 Hour 15 Minute Service

Signature Package $205

Signature Facial
Scalp Massage
Anytime Spa Special
Signature Package

60 Minute Signature Facial

30 Minute Dermaplaning

60 Minute Massage

15 Minute Scalp Massage 

2 Hour 45 Minute Service

Ultimate Spa Package $280

Ultimate Spa Facial 
Spa Package
60 Minute Massage
Body Polish 
Sugar Scrub
Scalp Massage

75 Minute Ultimate Spa Facial

30 Minute Dermaplaning

60 Minute Massage

15 Minute Scalp Massage Treatment 

30 Minute Body Polish

3 Hour 30 Minute Service

Gentlemen's Package $170

Gentleman's Facial 
Skin Care
Facial Hair 
Hot Towels
Spa Day

60 Minute Gentlemen's Facial

60 Minute Massage

15 Minute Scalp Massage Treatment 

1 Hour 15 Minute Service

Couples Escape Package $250


2 - 60 Minute Massages

2 - 15 Minute Scalp Massages

2 - 20 Minute Foot Massages

1 Hour 35 Minute Service

Mom-To-Be Package $170

Post Natal
Pregnancy Cramps
Pre Natal
Mom to Be

60 Minute Signature Spa Facial

30 Minute Brow Wax & Shape

60 Minute Prenatal Massage

2 Hour 30 Minute Service

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