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Monthly Medical & Day Spa Specials

December 2019 Clinic Specials | Valid 12/1/19-12/31/19

🔥 December Progress MD Specials 🔥

🎁 Gift yourself or a loved one with a PMD Gift Certificates & Get Extra PMD Cash to share or keep for yourself on your next visit 🙌

Buy $75 💸 & get $25 PMD Cash 

Buy $150 💸 & get $50 PMD Cash 

Buy $300 💸 & get $100 PMD Cash 

Buy $600 💸 & get $200 PMD Cash 

⚖️ We are adjusting some of our prices on Treatments and Services at the end of December - So Snag these Super Deals here before the New Year is here 

🔥New Injectable Option🔥 

‘Newtox’ Jeuveau $8.50/Unit | Min 20 Units 

⏰ Results Last 3-5 Months

⏳2020 Regular Jeuveau Price $10.50/unit ⏰

Inject 40+ Units of Jeuveau and Receive $75 off before December 24th 🙌 

We have enough $75 Off coupons for the first 175 patients who try this for a limited time 😳

💸 That’s $265 for 40 Units with the Coupon!  

🏦 No Banking - Launch Promo Only 🚫

💆‍ Signature Facial & 🌋 Hot Stone 60 Min Massage $140 | $15 Savings➕Get a Free True White Teeth Whitening Advanced Plus Set for at Home Use $42 Value Free 

🏦 No banking - December🎄Promo Only🚫

💉$75 off any syringe of Filler under $550 & $125 off any syringe of Filler under $800 ➕

Get 1 Pair Designer Sunglasses for Free 

$320-$550 Retail Value Pair of Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Saint Laurent, MCM, Oliver Peoples, Salvatore Ferragamo or Oscar De La Renta frames - Yes they are legit 💯

🏦 Can Bank up to 2 Syringes ⏰ Must be used in 6 months from purchase date.

 Impact Cryotherapy Single Whole Body Session $49 ➕Free Wellness Injection of your choice 💉 $20-$35 Value Free 🎉 

🏦 Can bank up to 3 of this Special. ⏰ Must be used in 6 months from purchase date.

NEW Service Menu Item 🔥⬇️

YUMI Lash Lift ➕ Free Brow Wax & Shape $150 | $25 Savings 

‘The only Keratin Lash Lift’ 

This treatment is different from all previously known procedures for the eyelashes because YUMILashes uses a keratin based lash enhancement. The boosting and lifting effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash. During the service your natural lashes are lifted back and the formulation restructures the lash. YUMILashes does not utilize traditional perming agents on the lashes, making it stand apart from all the other options out there. 

🏦 No Banking - Launch Promo Only 🚫

NEW Service Menu Item 🔥⬇️

YUMI Brow Lamination ➕ Lip Wax $90 | $25 Savings 

By using the same process as the YUMILashes Lash Lift, the Brow Lamination process creates a fluffy, fuller brow. The brow hairs are brushed upwards, trimmed and shaped to create the perfect look. The YUMILashes Brow Lamination is a great temporary alternative to permanent tattooing such as Microblading. The effect lasts for 8-12 weeks. 

🏦 No Banking - Launch Promo Only 🚫

💦 Any Glow HydraFacial Treatment➕Free Hydrafacial Booster➕Get 20 Units of ‘NewTox’ Jeuveau $295 😳 | $114 Value Free

🏆 Two of our Favorite New Face Items 🏆

Rebuild Process: Cleanse, Exfoliating Glysal Prep or Glysal Peel (Gylcolic/Salicyclic acid), Extractions, and Hydration with Antioxidants (Vitamin A,C,E) ➕ Providers Choice of Booster. Jeuveau results last 3-5 months 💉

🏦 No Banking - Launch Promo Only 🚫

💥CO2 Fraxel & Erbium:Yag or the Combination of them Both | 

15% off all month long for any single or combination treatment 

All Pricing & Options are on the website page 

Great laser treatment to do in the Winter ❄️ &  includes all the tools one wold need in a care kit to heal after these laser treatments! Laser Resurfacing and Fraxel Treatments target multiple skin issues and can be very helpful tools to get legitimate results quickly. 💻 See Website Page for Options, Pricing, & Areas. 

🏦 Can Bank 2 Sessions ⏰ Must be used in 6 months from purchase date.

📌 Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion & Bubble Mask $75➕Take Home Retail Sample Gift Bag with Gallinee, Whamisa, Skin Script, and other goodies too | $20 Retail Value 

🏦 No banking - December🎄Promo Only🚫

🌑🌗🌕 VI Medical Grade Peels 8% Off➕ Receive a Babe Lash Mini Growth Serum $36 Retail Value Free! 

Special Rates ⬇️ 

Savings of $33-48 💸

🍊VI Reviver $242 

🍊VI Purify $277

🍊VI Precision $294

🍊VI Precision Plus $330 

🍊VI Purify Precision Plus $347 

Includes Post Care Kit and Two Week Follow Up with Complimentary Dermaplaning 

🏦 Can bank up to 3 VI Peels at the pricing above. ⏰ Must be used in 6 months from purchase date.  

💧2 IV Bags of the Month ⬇️

Meyers Plus + | Half Bag 

💸 $90 Special | Save $40

⏰ 30-55 Min IV Drip Time

Contains [Normal Saline 500mls, Vitamin C, B-Complex (+ B-12), Calcium, Magnesium, and Trace Minerals (Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, and Chromium)]

This bags components can assist with hydration, immune enhancement, decrease fatigue, nerve health, blood cell formation, and increasing energy.

⚗️Labs &👨🏻‍⚕️Initial Quick Annual Exam Free 

🏦 No banking - December🎄Promo Only🚫

NEW Service Menu Item 🔥⬇️

NAD+ IV | Full Bag 

250mgs $200 | $50 Savings 

500mgs $400 | $75 Savings 

750mgs $600 | $100 Savings 

⏰ 50-70 Min IV Drip Time

Contains [Normal Saline, Vitamin C, B-Complex (+ B-12), and NAD+]

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme present in almost all cells in your body. It can maximize brain functioning, increase energy and decrease fatigue, reduce muscle and body pain, increase metabolic function, helps from withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs, decreases inflammation and stress and helps to correct DNA damage. 

⚗️Labs &👨🏻‍⚕️Initial Quick Annual Exam Free 

🏦 No banking - Launch Promo Only🚫

📌 Buy any 60/90 min Hot Stone, Cupping, or Deep Tissue massage and receive a 🌿 Plant Powered Take Home Kit Free - Drink Packets, Salves and other Color Up Therapeutic Samples | $30 Retail Value 

🏦 No banking - December🎄Promo Only🚫

Wellness Injection of the Month 💉

Either 4 Pack Option $85 | $20 Savings 💸

🔥 Fat Burner Plus + 

Contains: B1, B2, B6, B12 (Hydro), Methionine, Inositol, Choline, & Carnitine 

🔥 Lose it Safely  

Contains: B6, B12 (Hydro), Inositol, Choline, (No Methionine = Sulfa Free) 

🏦 Can bank up to 3 - 4 Packs. ⏰ Must be used in 6 months from purchase date.

💆‍♀️45 Minute, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage Treatment $80 | Get a Free Femme Noir Hair Kit for all Hair Types $20 Value Free & Save $10 on this Popular New Spa Service  

💆‍♂️Starting with a 30 min relaxing neck, shoulder, and arm massage that leads into a 15 min Scalp Massage where you can choose an oil free or scalp treatment of your choice product and or product free. 

🏦 No banking - December🎄Promo Only🚫

Looking for Injection Dates and Days to Join us as a new Medical Aesthetic Patient?

We keep an updated list of days and open to close hour time frames that are bookable for the month with Kevin Fleming, APRN, FNP-C our Nurse Practitioner and these are also days we accept new Medical Spa Patients. 

New Patients will need to complete new Patient Medical Paperwork and get a quick in person clearance exam where we can verify they are good healthy candidates for the Medical Aesthetic Treatments they are seeking. All Medical Spa Facilities and or Medical Facilities who provide Botox/Xeomin/Dysport, Injectable Fillers, All Laser Treatments (Minus Laser Hair Removal - they must operate under TDLR Regulations and be Registered as a Laser Hair Removal Facility [Yes we do that too], PRP Injections, IV Therapy Infusions, Microneedling, Sclerotherapy, and item that provide and or use any Prescription FDA Medical Devices or Prescription FDA Aesthetic Products should be following Texas Medical Board Code 193.17 that covers Delegation and our Medical niche and the items relevant to it as well. 

The above is NOT applicable to Spa Treatments. 

We do not put profit above patient safety, your medical history and clearance exam will need to be updated annually as a patient of ours. This is always free of charge. We do not write the laws, but we do work hard to follow them for your safety outright. 

Click Below for Those Dates & Time Frames

Tranquil Thursdays

Facial & Skin Care

Skin Care
Acne Scaring 
Ingrown Hairs
Oxygen Facials 


30 Minute Mini Facial | $50 

60 Minute Signature Facial | $70 

30 Minute Dermaplaning | $55

60 Minute Dermaplaning & Enzyme Peel | $80

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Pre Natal
Post Natal
Hot Stone
Sports Stretching
CBD Massage


30 Minute Massage | $50  

60 Minute Massage | $65

90 Minute Massage | $90

60 Minute Hydrating Wrap | $65

Inch Loss Wrap | $70

Waxing & Sugaring

Hair Removal
Body Hair
Facial Hair
Laser Hair Removal

15% Off Any Two Areas

We know you work hard and deserve a treat!

*Services above will be discounted any Thursday between 12pm-8pm. 

Cannot be combined with any other discount codes or discount cards.*

Anytime Spa Specials & Packages

Mini Package $120

Mini Facial
Express Facial
Quick Facial
Lunch Facial 
30 Minute Massage
Scalp Massage
Spa Package

30 Minute Massage

10 Minutes Scalp Massage 

35 Minute Mini Facial

1 Hour 15 Minute Service

Signature Package $205

Signature Facial
Scalp Massage
Anytime Spa Special
Signature Package

60 Minute Signature Facial

30 Minute Dermaplaning

60 Minute Massage

15 Minute Scalp Massage 

2 Hour 45 Minute Service

Ultimate Spa Package $280

Ultimate Spa Facial 
Spa Package
60 Minute Massage
Body Polish 
Sugar Scrub
Scalp Massage

75 Minute Ultimate Spa Facial

30 Minute Dermaplaning

60 Minute Massage

15 Minute Scalp Massage Treatment 

30 Minute Body Polish

3 Hour 30 Minute Service

Gentleman's Package $170

Gentleman's Facial 
Skin Care
Facial Hair 
Hot Towels
Spa Day

60 Minute Gentlemen's Facial

60 Minute Massage

15 Minute Scalp Massage Treatment 

2 Hour 15 Minute Service

Green Color Up Therapeutics Healing Package $155


60 Minute Color Up Therapeutics Massage

60 Minute Uplifting Color Up Therapeutics Facial

15 Minute Color Up Therapeutics Oil Foot Scrub

2 Hour 15 Minute Service

Mom-To-Be Package $170

60 Minute Signature Spa Facial

30 Minute Brow Wax & Shape

60 Minute Prenatal Massage

2 Hour 30 Minute Service

Looking for a Couples package?

Any of the above specials can become a treat for two!  Any price above X 2 will cover you both! We have same room and separate room options, just let us know your preference and we will get you both taken care of.

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