Medical Weight Loss Programs

HCG Diet

8-week program

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Macronutrient Diet

8-week program

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Intermittent Diet

8-week program

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 Being overweight increases the risk of a number of health conditions and diseases. Losing weight will not only help lower those chances, but can lead to a dramatic shift in your health and self-confidence. Professionals at Progress MD are dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss and set sustainable goals.  We will assist in helping you find the tools and knowledge necessary in achieving a lifetime of improved health! 

Who Are Good candidates for the Weight Loss Programs?

  Our programs are designed for individuals who do not want to pursue surgical options and who want to build long-lasting, sustainable dietary goals. Each diet is customized to each client to assist with weight loss or healthy weight gain! No minimum weight requirements are needed to pick a plan. Once you have completed a weight loss program you will enter the maintenance program. This will help you develop a healthier lifestyle, and eating habits necessary to keeping the weight off. Progress MD will give you the assistance needed to maintain your results along with access to our ongoing support groups, exercise classes, group walks, and monthly recipe idea nights! 

What to expect when You Are On Our Programs

With each diet you can expect to lose weight, but also gain knowledge along side your weight loss consultant. Each 8 week program will teach you about nutrition and many other means to keeping that weight off!

timeline for each diet Will Vary

Each diet will be 8 weeks with our in house weight loss consultant. 

During this time you see your consultant twice weekly for weigh ins, food log review, and learn vital necessities to a healthier lifestyle. Always remember, it takes time to make positive changes. Participants who actively record food intake,  journal their thoughts, document food triggers, and  have accountability partners are more likely to be successful in weight loss programs.

how do I Know Which Option Will Be Best for Me

Consultations are free with our certified weight loss consultant, certified personal trainer, and our medical staff who will spend time discussing your specific goals, the timeline you hope to achieve them in, and what options you have to fit your budget.  Medical clearance by one of Progress MD's nurse practitioners will be performed prior to starting any weight loss program for your safety and to determine if you are an appropriate candidate. Clearance examinations will include health history review, medications review, required lab if needed, and physical examination. Prescriptions are available to assist with your weight loss goals.

Affordable and Flexible Payment options

Three medical weight loss programs are available ranging between $350-$400 for the basic programs and $650-$800 for the all inclusive programs -  Prices are listed on the individual programs below. We do not bill insurance and or accept insurance for weight loss at our facility. Extra labs may be required for the HCG Diet for men and women - as it is a hormone and we want our patients to be safe as they lose weight. We also offer access to order supplements from our physician portal from over 75+ quality lines, any time you buy 5 at a time you will save 15% off the total. 

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Benefits of hCG

  • Lose 1-2 lbs per day
  • No additional exercise needed while on this diet
  • Lower cholesterol, which helps to reduce the risk for heart complications
  • Helps with appetite suppression
  • HCG helps to encourage hormone balance in the body for men and women. 
  • Help prevents lean muscle loss
  • Helps with proportional weight loss
  • Fast alternative to surgery.
  • Improved endurance and performance.

Who is not eligible for the hCg diet

  • Patients with a history of testicular, ovarian, breast, and prostate cancer 
  • It may not be appropriate for some people with a history of blood clots, especially those related to a hormonal influence. 
  • Patients with a history of cancer may need clearance from their oncologist
  • History of CHF
  • History of unmanaged Gout
  • PCOS, Endometriosis, or Fibroids
  • Respiratory Disease (COPD, asthma)
  • Seizure Disorder


What is hcg?

hCG is a natural hormone produced in the body. It is generally produce in women during pregnancy. This allows the body to metabolize fat and use it as energy for the mother and the fetus. In this case you get a small concentrated dose that allows you to burn fat while still maintaining muscle. This can be used for both men and women. HCG is naturally present in the tissue of men as well.

How does the hCG diet work?

The hCG diet is divided into three phases:

  1. Loading: You start taking hCG and eat plenty of high fat, high- calorie foods for two days
  2. Weight loss : Continue taking hCG and eat 500 calorie per day for 3 - 6 weeks (typically 21 days)
  3. Maintenance: Stop taking hCG and gradually increase your food intake. Some dietary restrictions will be continued as outlined in your program guide. If this phase is not completed properly you can gain your weight back far more easily. This helps you reset your behaviors, meals, and live more moderately to keep the weight off. 

Is the HCG diet safe?

Side effects have been proven to be rare and minimal. But for the safety of our patients, we have nurse practitioners, and weight loss consultant with you. If you experience any side effects you can message or call Progress MD.

How much weight can i anticipate in losing?

Initially, your weight loss will be about 1-2 pounds per day. Weight loss will decrease as you progress in the program. Results with vary, and you have a weight loss consultant with you every step of the way!

Is the weight loss permanent?

Like with any diet, permanent weight loss with only be seen with health change in lifestyle. If you return to your old habits, and eating patterns the weight will return. Entering the maintenance program will help you develop a healthy lifestyle to achieve continued success. 


Lab work may be required to clear you safely for the HCG Diet Unless you have completed it recently elsewhere at an additional cost - Pricing Below

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Macronutrient Diet

Benefits of the macro diet

  • Counting macros is an important method of adjusting nutrition to meet your goals.
  • More likely to stick to this diet
  • Improved endurance and performance.

Who is not eligible for the macro diet

This diet is virtually for everyone, but may not be easy for individuals that are easily susceptible  to stress. Please be aware, beginning the process of a healthy lifestyle take preparation and commitment that more than likely cause you to adjust your routine.

Macronutrient FAQs

What is a macronutrient?

They are types of food required in large amounts of the body for development. 

There are three macronutrients:

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fat

Each of these provides energy in the form of calorie. Which you learn more of throughout your diet.

Why count calories and macros?

Counting your macros creates an awareness of yourself and your food choices. You realize areas you are having trouble and are able to adjust them. The more aware you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

What tool can i use to count them?

Progress MD will provide you with either a paper, or in app calculator to make the process easier.

Will I need to count Macronutrients forever?

No. Being obsessive with macro counting is not healthy or sustainable. The techniques we teach you through this diet will allow you to be able to begin to eat intuitively therefore, learning what your body needs and craves.

Macro Nutrient

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Intermittent Fasting Diet

Benefits of the intermittent fasting diet

  • Lower insulin levels
  • Reduction of inflammation in the body
  • Improved heart health

Who is not eligible for the intermittent diet

  • If you have a history of eating disorders
  • women who have fertility issues/trying to conceive.

Consult with a doctor before if:

  • You take over the counter medication
  • Have low blood pressure
  • Have diabetes

Intermittent Fasting FAQs

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It is more of a pattern than it is a diet. Fasting has been found to be practiced throughout the human evolution. Hunters and gatherers didn't have the amenities we have today, and at times they didn't have anything to eat. Humans have evolved to be able to go without eating for an extended period of time without detrimental side effects. You have many methods when it comes to fasting. which your weight loss consultant will go over with you based on your schedule and lifestyle.

What does IT do for the body?

  • Your body will adjust its hormone levels to make body fat more accessible to burn.
  •  The cellular repair process begins in the body allowing the change in expression of genes, therefore protecting you from diseases.
  • Your insulin levels will drop at a high rate. The lower the insulin level the more accessible your stored fat.

Can I drink liquids during the fasting period?

Yes. You can drink water, coffee, tea and other non-caloric beverages. NO SUGAR is allowed. Creamer can be added to coffee.

Can I workout/take supplements during the fasting period?

YES! We encourage you to workout, however consulting with your weight loss consultant to see what may be necessary during the 8 week period is advised.

With vitamins, take your fat-soluble vitamins  with a meal to prevent any stomach issues.

If you are under current medication prescribed by your doctor, please let our nurse practitioner or weight loss consultant know.

Intermittent Fasting

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