There a several reasons clients choose earlobe repair. One of the most common reasons is dilation of the earlobe due to gauges. Gauging of the earlobes is an ever-growing, popular trend amongst a broad range of groups. Gauges are also referred to as tunnels, cogs, caps, or plugs. Another reason for earlobe repair is trauma resulting an earlobe tear.

This simple earlobe repair will assist with closing the dilated loops, or tears. This will help you reverse the effects of having gauged ear rings or repair a traumatic tear. Reasons many individuals undergo an earlobe repair ranges from professional career choice, social settings, age related factors or just a simple change in style.


After a thorough evaluation and consultation, a care plan is developed. A simple out-patient procedure will be performed to close the dilated earlobe loop to reverse damage and return the earlobe to as close to normal as possible.

It is always encouraged by our providers to bring a pre-gauged earlobe picture or pre-trauma picture to the consultation.


After consent is obtained and a care plan is developed, your earlobe will be thoroughly cleaned. After local anesthesia is administered for your comfort, we will stabilize the site using a chalazion clamp or hemostats. Using a scalpel, the edges of the internal portion to the dilated loops are excised and de-epithelialized  to create a fresh wound.  This will allow us to suture the edges back together and allow the wound to heal.  There will always be a risk of scar tissue after the site has healed.

Patient has responded very well to this procedure and you will be given strict post care instructions.

What To Expect From Ear Lobe Repair

medical devices | items

-Injtectable Lidocaine

-Medical Scalpel





-Sterile gauge

-Bovie cautery pen

- Medical Scissors

timeline for results

-Closure will be immediate, swelling, inflammation, temporary minimal bleeding may occur, sutures can be removed, when the wound is healed, by our Nurse Practitioners and that is included in the cost of the items below. 

pain level


length of appointment

You will be surprised to know that it only takes about 45 minutes to repair one earlobe. For both lobes, approximately 1 hour may be needed to complete them both.

Average Recovery Time

-A Band Aid will be placed on the ears post procedure. Triple Antibiotic Ointment will be used to take care of the ear lobe itself as well as other post care instructions provided and discussed with our Nurse Practitioner the day of the procedure. Suture removal will occur in approximately 10 days from the Ear Lobe Repair in-office. 


-Unrealistic expectations

-Bleeding disorders

-Keloid scar history

-Anti-coagulation therapy

Price List

Patient Documentation For This Treatment Below

Download These Documents to Save Time and Learn More About Pre and Post Care Recommendations 

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