Swedish Massage

This massage is the most widely recognized and most common type. The Swedish massage relieves tension and is as relaxing as it energizing. This massage helps manage chronic pain, sports injuries and aids individuals with neuromuscular disorders, such as multiple sclerosis. Athletes benefit from this massage as the muscles releases toxins, recover faster, and increase flexibility. Swedish massages help those suffering from arthritis and manage chronic pain in a more natural way. The ultimate purpose of this massage is relaxation, lowering your stress, giving energy, and boosting your immune system. Touch with steady light pressure, gliding movement, and kneading movements which include lifting and squeezing, and joint movements to maintain flexibility and increase strength are parts of this massage.

The Swedish massage directs the blood flow towards heart. Each individual has their own sense of rhythm, our masseuse will evaluate your body condition and during the massage create trust and a therapeutic relationship. This massage is about one hour.

Prenatal Massage

All mothers-to-be with a low-risk and normal pregnancy will benefit from a prenatal massage. The benefits of this massage are numerous: relieving tension, headaches, muscle tension from the extra weight of the baby, backaches, leg cramps, water retention, to name a few. The discomfort of pregnancy can be eased by massage as the serotonin, the body’s anti-pain chemical flows through the body. Pre-natal massage not only helps with discomfort but lowers anxiety and raises relaxation, all of this will improve sleep and increase deep sleep. The best position for pregnant women is lying on the side. Pre-natal massage using a body cushion will provide support and allow the mom-to-be the most relaxation possible. Pain medication is limited during pregnancy, massage offers a natural alternative for pain relief. Besides the physical benefits, prenatal massage gives expectant moms emotional support and a nurturing touch.

Pre-natal is gentle, it improves circulation, neck pain, hip and joint pain, and helps relieve constipation. Massage will stabilize hormones helping relieve depression or anxiety, help with posture, improve labor outcomes, and newborn health.

Women in high-risk pregnancies must consult their doctor before beginning a massage therapy program.

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