Swedish Massage

This massage is the most widely recognized and most common type. The Swedish massage relieves tension and is as relaxing as it energizing. This massage helps manage chronic pain, sports injuries and aids individuals with neuromuscular disorders, such as multiple sclerosis. Athletes benefit from this massage as the muscles releases toxins, recover faster, and increase flexibility. Swedish massages help those suffering from arthritis and manage chronic pain in a more natural way. The ultimate purpose of this massage is relaxation, lowering your stress, giving energy, and boosting your immune system. Touch with steady light pressure, gliding movement, and kneading movements which include lifting and squeezing, and joint movements to maintain flexibility and increase strength are parts of this massage.

The Swedish massage directs the blood flow towards heart. Each individual has their own sense of rhythm, our masseuse will evaluate your body condition and during the massage create trust and a therapeutic relationship. This massage is about one hour.

All mothers-to-be with a low-risk and normal pregnancy will benefit from a prenatal massage. The benefits of this massage are numerous: relieving tension, headaches, muscle tension from the extra weight of the baby, backaches, leg cramps, water retention, to name a few. The discomfort of pregnancy can be eased by massage as the serotonin, the body’s anti-pain chemical flows through the body. Pre-natal massage not only helps with discomfort but lowers anxiety and raises relaxation, all of this will improve sleep and increase deep sleep. The best position for pregnant women is lying on the side. Pre-natal massage using a body cushion will provide support and allow the mom-to-be the most relaxation possible. Pain medication is limited during pregnancy, massage offers a natural alternative for pain relief. Besides the physical benefits, prenatal massage gives expectant moms emotional support and a nurturing touch.

Pre-natal is gentle, it improves circulation, neck pain, hip and joint pain, and helps relieve constipation. Massage will stabilize hormones helping relieve depression or anxiety, help with posture, improve labor outcomes, and newborn health.

Women in high-risk pregnancies must consult their doctor before beginning a massage therapy program.


Length of Appt.: 30-60 minutes

Sessions Needed: Regular massage is a wonderful addition to any wellness program. Massage can also help build an awareness of the mind body connection can also augment traditional physical and mental health healing.

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: N/A

Other Industry Names for This: Massage

Results: Immediate

Indications: Men, women and children all benefit from Swedish massage. People, who would love a relaxing treatment, would benefit from stress reduction, and stretching of the muscles. Swedish massage is super for helping with pain management. Swedish massage is great for both pain associated with injury as well as for those suffering from chronic pain and can really benefit people suffering from MS. Swedish massage increases circulation, reduction of soreness, and increased mobility. It is a very safe way to experience the health benefits of positive healthy touch. It is the perfect addition to a self-care regimen. It’s not just about relaxation it also helps with inflammatory conditions, and it lowers blood pressure and helps the immune function. People with autoimmune related issues also benefit from Swedish massage. Because it helps maintain the connection between the mind and the body it boosts the ability of the client to recognize their feelings and their impact on their body so they can take early measures to stop stress and discomfort before they get to a dangerous level. Swedish massage also helps eliminate waste and toxins that build up in the body which helps with range of motion, general feelings of well-being and good health. Studies have shown that Swedish massage helps with the reduction symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Contraindications: Swedish massage is very safe and beneficial, however, various health related issues may be treated with alterations to common Swedish techniques or might require avoiding massage all together, these conditions include varicose veins, blood clots, cardiac conditions, hemophilia, diabetes, pregnancy, local or systemic infections, fever, infectious skin diseases as well as mental health issues that could be triggered by touch.

Recovery: None.

Painful: None to very little

Lasts: For days depending on the stress level and health of the individual.