Sebaceous cysts are very common. Areas of cyst may have recurring inflammation which becomes uncomfortable or even painful. The cyst forms under the skin creating a pocket. They start out small but grow over time as skin cells become trapped inside the sac. Eventually they become a cosmetic concern leading people to squeeze and press on the cyst until it bursts. This creates further inflammation and the cyst will return because the sac is still in place. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution.

A highly qualified provider will numb the cyst site. You will get a few Lidocaine injections that will sting. This doesn’t take long and you will feel nothing further during the procedure. The provider will remove the cyst and cyst sac. The site will be closed with stiches. In some cases, a patient may need packing and wound care instead of stiches to allow for proper healing from the inside out. Your plan of care will be determined at the time of your consultation.


Length of Appt.: 15-20 minutes

Sessions Needed: 1 session for the removal of Sebaceous Cyst and return visits depend upon the need for packing/wound care.

Check Up Appt.: Depends upon size of cyst and need for packing/wound care. Usually 7-10 days or as needed.

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes. Must determine the type of skin lesion.

Other Industry Names for This: Skin Lesion, Pimple, Abscess, Epidermoid Cyst, Benign Skin Lesion, Steatocystoma Simplex/Multiplex

Indications: Very common condition over 3 million cases in the United States yearly. Indications for sebaceous cyst excision include recurrent inflammation, annoyance, and cosmetic concerns.

Contraindications: History of Diabetes, Uncontrolled Blood Pressure, Infection at the site, Lidocaine Allergy

Recovery: Varies depending upon need for packing. Usually resolved in 7-10 days after removal.

Painful: Lidocaine injection at the site to achieve anesthesia will give a stinging sensation, however the actual procedure is non-painful. Some local discomfort to the site for 2-3 days that is well managed with over the counter Tylenol/Ibuprofen.

Lasts: Most treatment of Sebaceous Cyst removal is permanent; however recurrence is normal for some patients.

Purpose: Incision and Drainage technique to open skin lesion site in efforts to relieve pressure, build-up of fibrous tissue, fluid and full removal of cyst sac. This procedure results in improved appearance, decreased pain, and relieved pressure at the lesion site.