Progress MD offers multiple options for scar repair. One option is simply Microneedling and the other involves the Fraxel/CO2 and Erbium Yag Laser. Each of these treatments involves medical devices which means that each new patient will need to be cleared by our on-sight physician or nurse practitioner prior to beginning treatment. Once this has been obtained you are ready to begin treatment as soon as that same day. The Micropen itself contains a certain amount of small needles that will create pin-prick like holes on the skin’s epidermis which will gradually breakdown the scar tissue and promote the skin to heal itself. During a Microneedling treatment the technician will assess your scar and determine the depth at which they will set the Micropen at. The thicker the initial scar, the deeper they will treat due to the fact that there is more scar tissue is that area and we want to efficiently break it down. Once the treatment is complete the technician will provide you with a hydrating serum to apply to the healing area. The area will most likely be red and slightly inflamed after each session, this will subside within the same or next day. There is no downtime along with Microneedling, most patients will return to their daily activities directly after their appointments.

The other option for scar repair is to utilize our Fraxel/CO2 and Erbium Yag laser. The CO2 portion of the procedure, which obliterates the tissue and promotes new skin growth, will be preformed first. This works by vaporizing the scar tissue- it is a fractional treatment so only a fraction of the skin is being treated. This actually promotes the skin to heal more efficiently because the skin cells that are still intact will assist the treated cells in the healing process. Once the technician has passed over the area with the CO2, they will use the Erbium Yag handpiece. The use of the second laser treats more superficially, whereas the CO2 is for deeper the break down of tissue. This treatment will take approximately a week, give or take, to heal. During this time, you will need to keep the treated area extremely hydrated. We advise using Aquaphor, due to the fact that it is very hydrating and a little goes a long way. Each day you will gradually see the skin begin to peel. Scars will typically need multiple treatments of either option to see desired results, but the laser will breakdown the tissue much faster due to the fact that it is ablating the skin.


Length of Appt.: 15-30 min

Sessions Needed: Varies for each patient

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes

Results: After first treatment

Painful: None-Mild

Recovery: Depends on treatment received

Lasts: Permanent

Purpose: Diminish the appearance of scarring

Indications: Unwanted scars