Rosacea Treatments

Progress MD offers IPL, Microneedling, and the utilization of our 1064 long pulse laser to treat rosacea patients. The use of IPL for rosacea works by targeting the red pigment in your skin. IPL (intense pulsed light) contains all of the colors on the light spectrum and then minimizes them into a specific rage depending on the handpiece used. For rosacea the designated technician will use the handpiece specified for rosacea pigment. During a Microneedling treatment the designated technician will apply a light numbing agent to the target areas and once the skin has had time to absorb it they will then begin the Microneedling. Microneedling helps patients with rosacea by boosting the collagen production in their skin and promoting the skin to heal itself which in turn will help with the appearance of rosacea. If there are more small veins that need to be spot treated, then a 1064 long pulse laser may be a better bet for clearance. The laser works by targeting the red color in the skin and breaking down that pigment as well as targeting the small veins and preventing them from spreading more throughout the face. If a patient is wanting a more topical approach, then Progress MD does carry a skin brightening serum by Prescribed Solutions that can be mixed with a rosacea specific booster to help fight the pigment and even out the skin tone in between clinic treatments.

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