Mole Removal &
Skin Growth Removal

Moles vary in size and are growths of pigmented skin cells which grow closely together. Moles can be present from a young age; however, some appear or become noticeable later in life after sun exposure. Common moles are usually about 5-6 mm in diameter, has distinct edges, a smooth, dome-like surface and even pigmentation. These moles have the potential to turn into skin cancer, but it is a rare occurrence.

Most moles don’t require treatment; however, treatment is indicated if they are changing in size or appearance, if they cause discomfort or if the patient simply desires removal for cosmetic reasons. You will get a few Lidocaine injections that will sting. This doesn’t take long and you will feel nothing further during the procedure. Removal can be done by excision (cutting) by scalpel, shaving or punch biopsy.

It is advised to check your skin often and notice any signs of asymmetry, uneven borders, uneven coloring, growing in size in moles or other skin lesions.

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