I have a medical grade Microdermabrasion machine with natural all organic sodium bicarbonate crystals, walnut shell crystals and a diamond tip machine. I have both machines and the variety of crystals my clients have choice of delivery. I can do sensitive skin as well as other skin types because I have the variety of crystals many microderms are too rough for sensitive skin. I also have the ability to finish with LED light therapy to aid in healing and collagen production. Aside from the equipment I am also a very conscientious provider and make sure you are informed of all aspects of the treatment and your home care before and after the treatment. Because I have several ways to give a Microdermabrasion you are able to try what every kind you are most interested in without shopping new providers with unpredictable outcomes. Also many Microdermabrasion are very plain, you come in and they do it and send you on your way. I give you a spa like treatment, massage your neck shoulders and head while your mask is working it’s magic and give you the serums, creams and sunscreen to make sure your baby skin gets a great head start.

Microdermabrasion: After the treatment you will leave the spa room with immediate positive results and you will also see long-term benefits. One Microderm treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling healthier because it reveals new skin. The effects are cumulative so if you come in for treatments on a schedule you will notice your skin improving even more so over time.

In the Panhandle of Texas our skin is being bombarded with dirt, pollutants, wind and the strong rays of the sun. Face it, these elements along with our own health, diet and the years can take their toll. This can leave your skin looking dull, tired, and result in changes pigmentation, clogged pores built up skin and over time accompanying wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion is non invasive and a great way to reduce the signs of aging and other skin imperfections. There is no down time. It is one of the top aesthetic procedures preformed in the U.S. It is the ideal lunch time facial treatment because you can get it done in under an hour and see noticeable positive results that will last. It is a gentle and effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even out imperfect pigmentation of the skin. It can be done one any part of the body and it has a stimulating effect helping with cellular turnover.

Microdermabrasion are most often sold in packages. The frequency of the treatments are usually every 7-10 days for about 6 weeks and then either giving the skin a rest for 6 weeks or switching to something like a chemical peel or other procedure for that 6 weeks to treat a specific problem. If it’s just part of a monthly freshen up then once a month is fine. A typical client can expect to see approximately a 70% improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin with Microdermabrasion. It is a manual deep exfoliation of the skin and it reveals your new skin. During the treatment there is a significant increase in blood flow to the area being treated which results in more oxygen and micro circulation in the area along with increased collagen production.

It is important that you wear sun screen and proper sun wear after the treatment because your baby skin will be exposed and you want to protect the new you.


Length of Appt.: Approximately 45 minutes

Sessions Needed: 1 session will unveil new healthier skin. Packages of 3 or 6 are needed for treatments involving reducing sun damage, superficial scaring, the signs of aging and sun damage. Usually spaced 7 to 10 days apart.

Check Up Appt.: None needed.

Medical Clearance Needed: None needed.

Results: Immediate with marked improvement being seen as you have more treatments. Old skin, sun damage, hyper pigmentation and fine lines and disappear or diminish over time. Blocked pores see an immediate improvement.

Painful: It is not painful. It usually just feels like you are getting really scrubbed and clean.

Recovery: There could be some pinkness for the first 48 hours but usually it is already calmed down before you leave the spa room.

Lasts: The overall effect lasts 4 to 6 weeks. However, in the case of the treatment of hyper pigmentation, scaring and the like the results are long-term providing you take care of your skin as is suggested.

Purpose: A deep exfoliation of the skin. Reduction in uneven skin tone, blocked pores, signs of aging and sun damage, reduction of superficial scaring and revealing clear and beautiful skin. It can be done on any area of the body which is pretty cool when it comes to areas that usually don’t get the attention they deserve like the back, buttocks and rough elbows.

Indications: Dull lifeless skin, the presence of blackheads and pimples, enlarged pores, scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and skin damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Contraindications: Open lesions and pustules, Rosacea if the skin is inflamed, Pregnancy mask, the dark pigmentation that often occurs on the face, it is better if you wait at least 6 months after you give birth, Microdermabrasion can lighten the pigment of your tattoo so that area should be avoided. Herpes Simplex I and II due to the fact that it could cause an outbreak. HIV and AIDS because the skin is thinned and it could break the skin and the skin is your body’s first line of defense. Diabetes because of the effects of diabetes on the skin as well as the medications, thinning skin, unhealed burns, open wounds, dermatitis in the active stage, sensitivity to one of the crystals used. Some other types of hyperpigmentation.