Medical Grade Chemical Peels

At Progress MD we offer a line of medical grade chemical peels to assist our patients with skin rejuvenation. Medical grade chemical peels are ‘medical grade’ due to the fact that they are a much higher strength and can treat a much larger range of issues than a basic esthetician strength chemical peel can. Medical grade chemical peels can assist in treating acne and acne scarring, pigment issues such as melasma, sun spots, fine lines, enlarged pores, deeper wrinkles, benign growths. The process of the actual peel will only take between 5-10 minutes. Chemical peels are not made to stay on your skin for long periods of time as you would a face mask. Chemical peels, depending on their strength, will specify how long it should be left on a person’s skin but it is typically no longer than 10 minutes. Once the peel has had time to process, the physician will then use a neutralizer to stop the acids from continuing to react with the skin. If the peel is left on too long it could lead to scarring or discoloration. There are three basic levels of chemical peels when it comes to their effectiveness. The first level is a superficial peel which targets the active acne, superficial lines, sun spots and shed cells on the surface. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and can help temporarily reduce skin oil secretions which will prevent new breakouts from forming. The second level is a moderate peel which treats light scarring, more defined lines, pigmentation and acne. Moderately penetrating chemical peels normally use trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in 35-50% strength, which penetrates more deeply into the skin than superficial peels. TCA causes peeling of deeper layers of the skin and increases production of collagen, elastin, and other proteins which give skin its elasticity. The last level is a deep peel which treats deep wrinkles, intense scarring, long term sun damage, pronounced pigment changes and small growths on the skin. Deep peels are not recommended for regular use, because they are so intense it is advised to take almost two weeks off of work to allow their skin to heal and grow back. It will usually take a couple months for the skin to completely heal and return to its normal state but once the layers have peeled off you will be left with new, supple skin.

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