Everybody wants that wide awake look that curled lashes give us and the darker look mascara gives us. However, most of us don’t like spending the time curling them and applying make-up every day. That’s where the lash perming comes in. The process is very easy and only takes about a half an hour. First you must get a patch test behind the ear before you get permed to make sure that you don’t have a reaction to the products. Because it is your eyes we are dealing with we sure want to know of any allergies that you might have. If your patch test goes well then you come back for the perm and tinting. It is a pretty simple and fast process. First your eyes and eyelashes are cleansed with a make-up remover. Then a tiny perm rod will be chosen for you so you can achieve the look you desire. A thin strip of flu will be applied to the rod and fitted to your eyelid. Your lashes then will be pushed upward and secured. -shed upwards and secured to the rod. The lashes are spread out and I make sure that they are not tangled or crossing over each other and then I apply the perming lotion. When they are coated your eyes will be covered with a plastic film or pad. This heats things up a little bit. When it’s time I remove the perming lotion. Then I apply the fixing lotion to the lashes. Again I put on a plastic film or pad and we wait for 10-15 minutes. Then I remove the fixing lotion and the rods and apply a moisturizer to cool your eyes. . Then I cleanse the area and show you your beautiful eye lashes. The tinting is a very simple process. I place damp eye pads under the eyes after we choose the tint best for you, then I mix the developer and apply the tint to your lashes and wait a few under 10 minutes. Then I remove the solution and we are done. Grab a mirror and see the difference. Often we do the brows at the same time.


Length of Appt.: About an hour for both tinting and perming.

Sessions Needed: Touch up every 3 to 4 weeks.

Check Up Appt.: None needed.

Medical Clearance Needed: None needed.

Results: Immediate.

Painful: No.

Lasts: Will need re-tinted and re-permed every 3 to 4 weeks.

Purpose: To have darker move visible lashes without the use of mascara or a curling the lashes daily.