Sometimes we regret our decisions and tattoos can be a perfect examples of that. Whether you were young and reckless or your tattoo just didn’t quite turn out as beautiful as you had dreamed, we are here to erase that unwanted ink. During your original tattoo session, your artist slowly input pigment one bit at a time with a small grouping of needles. With laser treatments, the process is essentially reversed as laser energy works to slowly break up and release the pigment from the skin. We can fully remove your tattoo, leaving fresh new skin or lighten your tattoo to make covering it up with another much easier. Progress MD offers Quanta C Plus Q -Switch technology, friendly certified technicians and the most affordable laser tattoo removal in Amarillo, Texas.

The laser tattoo removal process begins with a free consultation. We know you have questions about how the tattoo removal process works and we want you to come into your appointment with confidence, knowing what to expect. We will start by asking you a few questions about your medical history, current medications and any skin conditions you may have. There are certain conditions and medications that would make exposure to the laser inadvisable. We will discuss the minimal risks that exist for those receiving laser tattoo removal treatments and project an approximate timeline for your tattoo and what results to expect. The size of your tattoo determine the cost per treatment. We will also photograph your tattoo for use in tracking the progress of your treatments. This will give you a better visual representation of the amazing progress you will be making!

Medical Clearance is required for Laser Treatments with a Class 4 FDA Solid State Medical Laser Device, but no worries! We have an in-house medical director!

We require that you book an appointment with our in-house medical director Susan E. Ellington to obtain medical clearance for tattoo removal before we can begin your treatments. Texas Medical Board laws have changed; they prohibit the use of a medical device such as a laser without the contracted licensed physician overseeing the clinic doing the items notated below first. There is a $50.00 one-time charge for the physical exam with our medical director, any further visits will not require a fee once you have been approved to start the process and are a patient cleared for laser treatments. We don’t write the laws; we just like to follow them.

Texas Medical Board Code 193.17 states that:

(2) Prior to authorizing a Procedure, a physician, or a mid-level practitioner acting under the delegation of a physician, must: (A) take a history; (B) perform an appropriate physical examination; (C) make an appropriate diagnosis; (D) recommend appropriate treatment;