Stretch marks can be removed or reduced by laser treatments or Microneedling treatments. When using Microneedling to treat stretch marks, the technician preforming the treatment will utilize a MicroPen with an attachment that contains a certain amount of small needles that penetrate the surface layer of the skin. The use of the MicroPen stimulates collagen production and promotes the skin to repair itself, which in turn will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks themselves. When using a laser, the designated technician will use a CO2/Erbium Yag laser to breakdown the tissue and resurface the skin- same as the Microneedling, just on a more intense scale. With the laser, you may experience some down time depending on the area, but it shouldn’t be any longer than a couple days. The way the laser works is by shooting fractions of the laser out in a specific pattern that coordinates with the treatment area. The reason we only use a fraction of the desired surface area is because we want to promote healthy skin cells to assist in the healing process of the treated skin. If we target the whole area, then it will take longer to heal because those cells must start from scratch but if we use the Fraxel (CO2) portion of the laser then we will promote that regrowth. A few days’ post laser treatment you may notice the skin starting to peel, this is completely normal and necessary. When the treated skin peels off, new, rejuvenated skin will be revealed. The most important part of the healing process for either one of these treatments is to keep the treated area hydrated with either Aquaphor or any topical suggested by the technician.


Length of Appt.: 15-45 min

Sessions Needed: 3 to 5

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes

Results: Some results seen after first session

Painful: None-Mild Discomfort

Recovery: None

Lasts: Permanent

Purpose: Remove or reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Indications: Natural stretch marks or stretch marks caused by pregnancy

Contraindications: Keloid scarring, pregnancy, severe allergies

Treatments Offered: Laser or Microneedling