Laser Hair Removal is the most well-known and common laser treatment, seeing as it has been on the market for almost twenty years. Laser hair removal utilizes the heat from certain wavelengths to destroy the hair follicles directly. We use two different wavelengths for hair removal- the 755nm and the 1064nm. We utilize two different wavelengths so that we are able to treat all of our able patients. The 1064nm can be used for all skin tones/types but is especially beneficial for patients of darker skin tones, Fitzpatrick IV-VI, because it more so targets the hair follicle than the dark pigment of their skin. The 755nm can be used on patients of a Fitzpatrick I-III. Patients should be sure not to pluck or wax the hair at least four weeks prior to treatment because of the fact that the laser is targeted towards the follicle, if there is no follicle then the laser won’t have anything to destroy. Patients are also asked to closely shave the treatment areas because if we don’t then the laser will pick up on that hair pigment and fry the hair itself instead of getting down to the follicle. During the appointment the operating technician will ask a brief set of questions just ensuring that the patient is able to be treated that day. After that, the technician will evaluate the hairs themselves, whether they are black or brown and thick or thin. Once the technician has chosen the specific settings fit to treat your hair they will begin the treatment. During the treatment a tool called a Zimmer will be cooling the skin at the same time as the technician is treating the area. Patients should feel minimal to no discomfort during a treatment. Following your appointment, it is advised not to shave at least a day or so after due to the fact that your pores are still open from the treatment. We will see a patient back after 5-7 weeks for their next treatment. We want to be on a strict schedule so that we can target the hairs in each cycle of growth, which will end up being between 6-8 sessions.

Medical Clearance is required for Laser Treatments with a Class 4 FDA Solid State Medical Laser Device, but no worries! We have an in-house medical director!

We require that you book an appointment with our in-house medical director Susan E. Ellington to obtain medical clearance for tattoo removal before we can begin your treatments. Texas Medical Board laws have changed; they prohibit the use of a medical device such as a laser without the contracted licensed physician overseeing the clinic doing the items notated below first. There is a $50.00 one-time charge for the physical exam with our medical director, any further visits will not require a fee once you have been approved to start the process and are a patient cleared for laser treatments. We don’t write the laws; we just like to follow them.

Texas Medical Board Code 193.17 states that:

(2) Prior to authorizing a Procedure, a physician, or a mid-level practitioner acting under the delegation of a physician, must: (A) take a history; (B) perform an appropriate physical examination; (C) make an appropriate diagnosis; (D) recommend appropriate treatment;


Length of Appt.: 15min – 1hr

Sessions Needed: 6-8

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: No

Other Industry Names: Laser Hair Reduction

Results: After 1st Session

Painful: None – Mild

Recovery: None

Lasts: Permanent

Purpose: Rid the body of excess or unwanted hair

Indications: Any unwanted hair