Laser Age Spot
and Pigment Removal

When treating age spots or pigmentation cause by sun damaged, IPL is the most effective. IPL is used for sun or age spots because it attacks the darker pigment in the skin and gradually lightens the target areas. Sun and age spots are extremely common and luckily can be treated quite easily. The light emitted from the IPL handpiece that coordinates with the specific treatment will target those pigmented areas and break it down, which lightens their appearance over time. Before beginning treatment, the designated technician will ask a series of questions to confirm that you are able to be treated that day. Once the technician is ready to begin treatment they will prep the area by applying a liberal amount of cooled gel to keep the surface of the skin cool during the treatment. Most IPL treatments are extremely tolerable and should have minimal discomfort. Once the treatment is complete the technician will wipe away any excess gel and apply a post-treatment topical to help calm the skin. In the time between treatments be sure to stay out of direct sun exposure and if you must be outside for longer than 30 minutes stay protected with an SPF 30 or greater. You will notice some of the spots will begin to scab or flake off. Don’t pick at the areas, just let them heal naturally as to avoid scars. After about 4-6 weeks you will be ready for another treatment.

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