Facial and body waxing is an easy way to maintain smooth, hair free skin. Progress MD offers waxing of every area with a wide array of wax types.

One of our certified waxing technicians will begin by taking you into a designated waxing room and discuss which areas you will be interested in waxing. They will then describe the main two types of wax and where they are best used. Hard wax will dry almost instantly and does not require the use of a cloth strip because as it dries it no longer becomes tacky which makes it easy to grab. This wax is more so used for the face. The other type is your typical soft wax, which does not lose its tacky nature and requires the use of a cloth strip to remove it. This type is used more commonly on the body. Either type can be used on either the face or body, this is just a preference made by our waxing technicians. Once they have completed the waxing session they will remove any excess wax, pluck any stray hairs and finally apply a soothing cream. It is important to avoid extended amounts of time in the sun or any form of tanning the day of waxing as well as taking a bath during the first 24 hours due to your pores being open and sensitive. Both facial and body waxing can last between 3-6 weeks but it is common to see hair grow back quicker on the face.


Length of Appt.: 10-30 min depending on area

Sessions Needed: As many as desired by client

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: No

Results: Immediate

Painful: Mild – Moderate

Recovery: None

Lasts: Body – 3/6 weeks, Face – 3/6 weeks (but hair tends to grow quicker on face)

Purpose: Rid the body of excess or unwanted hair

Indications: Excess or unwanted hair

Contraindications: Abrasions, inflammation, Accutane (must be off for 1 year), sunburned or irritated skin.