The best way to understand the Fascia Blaster is to first understand, what is Fascia? The word fascia is Latin, meaning “band”. Fascia is connective tissue, this tissue is in bands across the body. Connective tissue or Fascia is mainly comprised of collagen and/or collagen fibers. Collagen is a protein and there are 28 different types, but the type of collagen we will focus on is the Type I, skin and tendon. Collagen is naturally occurring and valuable to beneficial in all facets of healing a wound. To briefly recap, collagen is the major component and/or ingredient of the Fascia.

Fascia Blaster is a tool designed for many purposes. One of the main areas it focuses on is eliminating cellulite. This tool also increases blood flow and decreases pain in the joints.

The Fascia Blaster loosens the fascia, which improves your flexibility, which in turn will improve your sports performance by allowing the muscles to respond better to exercise and competition.

Cellulite affects 90% of all women, even athletic and slim body types. What is cellulite? Cellulite is the visible result of abnormal fascia. The dimples on your body are fat stuck in the fascia. The fascia blaster loosens and breaks down the tight fascia, as the fascia loosens, the skin loosens the dimples appearance. The body will look naturally healthy, inflammation, arthritis, and posture are all improved.

There is usually bruising when you begin using the fascia blaster, over time as the fascia is broken down the bruising will diminish.


Length of Appt.: 30-60 minutes

Sessions Needed: Depending on the purpose for the treatment one to on going.

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: If you are unsure if you have any contraindications you should check with your physician.

Other Industry Names for This: Myofascial release. There are several tools designed to break up facia including the fascianator.

Indications: Reduction of pain, the desire for pre and post workout improvement. Increased definition, Increase performance and range of motion, elimination of cellulite, detoxification, increased circulation and nerve activity, reduction of adhesions, opening up fascia to increase feelings of health and vitality, increased performance, has an affect on the parasympathetic nerviness system, lymph vascular system.

Contraindications: None

Recovery: None. Some soreness and bruising may occur.

Painful: Depends on the issues addressed.

Lasts: Again, this depends on the issue addressed. Several issues require on going treatments to maintain general health as with range of motion, and aesthetic results such as the elimination of cellulite.

Purpose: To restore blood flow to the muscles and organs of the body previously restricted by fascia. (fascia is the connective tissues that surrounds muscles and organs of the body under the skin.) This restriction can reduce the circulation to the area. It can cause adhesions that manifest as knots and the fibers of the tissues can stick together resulting in restricted movement. This can cause your body to cover the area with collagen and create hard scar tissues. The fascia blaster treatment will help break down the fascia and restore blood flow, increase the release of toxins trapped in the body which result in the fascia restricting the muscles, and organs that the fascia surrounds. It helps to release muscle tension and stretches the constricted muscles. This results in increased performance, and has an affect on the parasympathetic, nervous system and lymph vascular system.