Earlobe repair is a procedure aimed to fix an earlobe that has been stretched by gauged piercings or torn/injured by other means. Lidocaine injection will sting, however you will not feel any further pain during the procedure. Two small incisions will be made and then suture repair will be completed. This procedure should result in approximation of wound edges and after 24-48 hours patient should be back to normal daily activities. Meticulous home care with dressing changes will help in avoiding and/or minimizing risk for infection to the repair site. In 7-10 days follow up appointment will be completed and sutures will be removed.

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Length of Appt.: 2 Hours

Sessions Needed: 1

Check Up Appt.: 10 days or PRN

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes. Must determine the plan of care.

Other Industry Names for This: Earlobe Repair, Lobuloplasty

Indications: Earlobe repair is indicated for the patient with stretched or torn earlobes due to gauged piercings or other stretching/tearing injury.

Contraindications: History of Diabetes, Uncontrolled Blood Pressure, Infection at the site, Lidocaine Allergy, Grossly dilated earlobes may not be a good candidate for outpatient earlobe repair.

Recovery: 24 hours patient should be back to normal daily activities. Patient should keep sites of repair clean, dry and perform daily dressing changes as recommended. Sutures will be removed 7-10 days after repair.

Painful: Lidocaine injection stings, however the rest of the procedure is not painful. When local anesthesia wears off there may be throbbing discomfort which is well managed with over the counter Tylenol/Ibuprofen product.

Lasts: Permanent

Purpose: To result in improved appearance.