Dermaplaning is a common, superficial treatment that removes the top layer of skin with a scalpel or scalpel-like instrument. These treatments should be done on a regular basis (once a month) to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote healthy skin growth. Clearance through our clinic’s physician and or nurse practitioner is necessary to attain before treatment, considering that the instrument is a scalpel, we can see why. During the treatment a delegated technician and or a medical personnel will cleanse the skin prior to treating the selected areas, then will utilize the scalpel to begin exfoliating the skin. By using the scalpel, the top layers of skin will easily be removed and resurface new, healthy skin. Dermaplaning will also remove the small vellus (peach fuzz) hairs. Removing these hairs gives the skin an even smoother texture which also allows your makeup to glide on and gives the face an airbrush-like finish, a bonus effect of the treatment! Although this is not a permanent treatment, and there are no guarantees, the more frequent patients will generally see a positive difference in their skin’s overall quality.


Length of Appt.: 20-30 min

Sessions Needed: As many as needed/wanted

Check Up Appt.: N/A

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes

Results: Immediate

Painful: None

Recovery: None

Lasts: Average 1 month – differs for each individual

Purpose: Reduce appearance of fine lines, even skin tone, minor breakouts, exfoliation

Indications: Dry-flaky skin, small vellus hairs, fine lines, minor breakouts

Contraindications: Active acne, active infections, recent chemical peel, keloid, tattoos, rosacea, uncontrolled diabetes, use of Accutane