Progress MD offers multiple options to treat or reduce the appearance of cellulite such as Microneedling, Mesotherapy, cupping or using a fascia blaster. All of these treatments will help in the breakdown of cellulite and promote smooth, even skin. Microneedling works by penetrating the skin with small needles at a specific depth to promote collagen production and break down the bonds that connects to the tissue. Once the bond is broken the skin can then heal itself and gradually smooth out. Microneedling will typically leave you slightly red and perhaps a little sore but there is usually no down time with any of these treatments. Mesotherapy is actually an injection that removes the fat from the fat cell without destroying it. This helps by breaking down the fat while keeping the integrity of the skin intact. Once the fat has been injected it will simply be flushed naturally out through the body. Most patients see quick results with mesotherapy, although they are most of the time not immediate results but after 3-5 sessions you may see a drastic difference in appearance. Less than 5% of patients see absolutely no change in their cellulite but as many as 95% of patients see at least some difference in their appearance. More superficial treatments such as cupping and fascia blasting are done by a massage therapist. Cupping works by using different sized massage cups and suctioning the targeted areas. It takes slightly longer, with regular treatments to see results with this but it is a viable treatment nonetheless. The last treatment that we offer for cellulite reduction is fascia blasting, made popular by guru Ashley Black. Fascia blasting works by massaging the skin intensely for a specified amount of time with a fascia blaster tool which breaks down the fascia itself. It is recommended to begin with a high internal temperature because it increases the circulation and makes the fascia more “jello-like” and easier to manipulate. The massage therapist will focus on each area for about 2-5 minutes and up to 10 minutes. All of these treatments will gradually decrease the appearance of cellulite over time.


Length of Appt.: 30 min – 1.5 hrs

Sessions Needed: Start with 3 (additional treatments decided post)

Check Up Appt.: None needed.

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes, (Microneedling, mesotherapy)

Results: Varies on treatment (see quicker results with Microneedling & mesotherapy)

Painful: None – Mild discomfort

Lasts: Permanent with healthy lifestyle.

Purpose: Reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Indications: Indentions in the skin

Contraindications: Keloid scarring, pregnancy, severe allergies, immunosuppression, uncontrolled diabetes.

Treatments: Microneedling, Mesotherapy, Cupping, Fascia Blaster.