Body wraps are a great treat for someone who is interested in detoxing their system, boosting their skin’s hydration or temporarily reducing inches throughout their body. Progress MD’s experienced massage therapist does all of our client’s wraps. Before each wrap our massage therapist will use a body scrub to prep the client’s skin. Once the scrub is removed the massage therapist will them apply the wrap product while wrapping the body parts as she goes. The product and wrap will set for 30 minutes. Once the time is up the massage therapist will then remove the wrap from the client and apply a lotion.

Body wraps used for slimming will only temporarily reduce the amount of inches lost during the wrap. The wrap will simply rid the body of any excess water weight. Slimming wraps are typically used for special occasions or just a treat.

Wraps used for detoxing will help rid the body of toxins. Detoxifying wraps work by stimulating your circulation, giving your body minerals it might be missing and drawing out impurities.

Body wraps used for hydration will do just that. Just as with the other wraps, the products used will penetrate deep hydration to the skin and give a rejuvenated appearance.


Length of Appt.: 60 min.

Sessions Needed: As many as patient desires.

Check Up Appt.: None needed.

Medical Clearance Needed: None needed.

Results: Immediate.

Painful: No.

Lasts: Few days to a week.

Purpose: Reduce inches temporarily, detox, hydrate the skin.

Indications: The desire to hydrate the skin, detox the body, or create a temporary slimmer appearance.

Contraindications: Cardiac weakness, uncontrolled blood pressure, overactive thyroid, hemophilia, uncontrolled diabetes, open wounds, skin diseases, lupus, epilepsy.