Microdermal Implant removal involves a simple surgical procedure. This is a sterile procedure. Lidocaine injection to the site will sting, but the patient will not feel the procedure further. The implant site is cleansed and an incision is made where the anchor of the implant is placed. This incision is just big enough to pull the jewelry out using a forceps tool. The small incision is sutures or simply bandaged in a way to achieve optimal healing and low incidence of obvious scarring.


Length of Appt.: 15-20 minutes

Sessions Needed: 1

Check Up Appt.: 7 days for suture removal.

Medical Clearance Needed: Yes. Must determine the plan of care.

Other Industry Names for This: Microdermal Piercing, Dermal Piercing , Surface Piercing, Surface Anchor

Indications: Removal of Microdermal Implant is an equal decision comparable to having placement of a Microdermal implant. This procedure is for the patient who is interested in returning to their natural skin appearance.

Contraindications: None

Recovery: Recovery is very simple in this procedure. Patient may return to normal activities immediately.

Painful: Lidocaine injection will sting, however patient should not feel the procedure of microdermal Implant removal.

Lasts: Permanent.

Purpose: To result in evacuation of implant for cosmetic reasons. For some patients the purpose is for improved appearance.